Dear Connected You.

Begin with a conscious breath…in….and allowing it to flow out…bring yourself into awareness, and open yourself to an intentional space…

Then, allow yourself to consider… 

How often do you feel connected to some force that you know is greater than you, that is beyond anything our limited human minds can even imagine?

Living in the world we do, I am guessing the answer to that question may be, “not as often as I would like.”

We’re frazzled, we’re stressed; doing our best not to get overwhelmed with fear about our future, or with stuck emotions from the past. 

Yet, I find that the more mindful I am of the moments of deep connection, the more often I seem to experience them.  Though, probably, more truthfully, it is more that my awareness of them gives me the impression that they are happening more frequently, because really this connection is always there. 

Whether we believe it or not, whether we experience or not, whether we feel connected to it or not, this force or Presence exists.   In fact, it is the substance of all that we are, all that we know, all that we experience and all that we create.   

oak-treeHow do our bodies know how to heal our wounds, keep our hearts beating, lungs breathing, hair and nails growing?  How does an acorn know how to grow into an oak tree?  How is it that one cell knows how to develop into a toe nail, and another into a tooth?  How does a sperm know how to find an egg…how does a soul find its way into what eventually becomes a baby?

It would be hard to believe that there isn’t some kind of Divine Intelligence at work here.

Some of us call this “force” we are referring to, The Creator, some call it our Higher Power, some the Life Force, Nature, Spirit, Source Energy, the Universe; and many of us call it God.   

Some of us prefer not to give it a name at all. 

There is no one way.  There is no one word to fully define this force of Life that births and feeds us all…

I imagine that if you are reading this, you are already on your own conscious, spiritual journey.  And, probably, you already have an awareness of the existence of this powerful presence, and maybe a way to re-discover it when you seem to be losing your way. 

god-in-the-cloudsSome of us may find it in formal religion.  We may go to church and follow certain rituals and time-honored traditions that help us nurture our connection to our Creator. 

For some of us, this Creator may look like a bearded old man in white robes sitting on a throne in the sky…

Some of us may not relate to organized religion at all, and so find other ways to develop and maintain access to our God…

For some, this God may look like a butterfly, or the ocean, or the cosmos…butterfly-god

Some of us may have a more ethereal image of Source Energy. 

And so for some, this Energy may be like a light, a glow, a texture, a fragrance, a sound, a sensation, a feeling of Love.

Can you take a moment, right now, to remember the ways you have felt your connection to your Higher Power in your past…?

Bring yourself right into the experience of that memory; right into the feeling of it in your body…How do you feel it?  What is the quality of this experience?

Allow this feeling to linger…notice as your Ego mind may start to try and convince you that it is not real, or there is nothing there, or you don’t have time for this…Slow yourself down, be patient and loving with yourself (you remember how to do this for yourself?)…

double-alaskan-rainbowBring this feeling with you today. 

I just stepped outside my office onto the balcony.  The temperature is still warm, but there is a quality in the air that reminds me of a change in seasons.  I get a flash of memory from my early childhood; the smell of the surrounding brick buildings brings me back to my grandparents duplex home in Brooklyn in the late summer. 

I am a little girl, perhaps 3 or 4 years old, and I am in their tiny concrete paved backyard, playing with my dog, Roger the Dalmatian, and splashing in a small plastic pool filled with cold water from the hose.  In that moment, I am nothing but love and light. 

I am filled with joy, no thought, no worry, no story – utterly open to and accessed by God.  In that memory, my Essence self is completely activated.  I breathe very consciously into the feeling of that experience.  I feel a rush of energy flow through me and I smile. 

A God moment.

I take the feeling of that moment, the reminder of that Universal Life Force connection, back into the present and with me into my office; I feel the warmth of Love at my center, and open the front door to welcome my next client.orion-nebula

Today, let us hold an intention to notice the moments of feeling our connection to Source.

Today, let us then expand them by consciously focusing on them and stepping fully into the  experience of them.

Today, let us bring the warmth of Love at our center into every experience and interaction we have…

We live in a  complicated world, yet at its simplest, is our ever-present connection to the Source of All that Is Good and Loving and Light in the Universe.

Breathe consciously, know you are Connected to Your Creator

and remember:

I am brilliant;

I am magnificent;

I am a being of Love and Light.

I am here to bring my Essence Self to the world.

“When the answer is simple, God is speaking.” ~Albert Einstein

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