What do you want to believe about Love?

Are you in a relationship, or desire to be in one soon?

Yes?  Let’s expand from yesterday…

If you can open to the possibility that Goodness and Light are at the very core of our existence, then perhaps you can be open to the possibility that every single human being also has at their center, a connection to that same Goodness and Light?

If so, that might mean that the person you fell in love with was so alluring to you because you were both aligned with the Goodness and Light at the core of every experience and at the center of who each of us are.

It might mean that you each felt, albeit unconsciously, the potential for connecting to the Power of All That Is, beyond your individual selves, through a connection with another spiritual being having a human experience.   

It might mean that your hearts, the actual energy center of Love in your physical bodies, were so open in anticipation of stepping into full alignment with Source Energy that you were both expressing the Truth of your Essence Selves so often, you couldn’t help but be attracted and drawn to one another.

Ah, this is the deliciousness of the Romance Stage of relationships

Many of us have either had the experience of these feelings, or can imagine it, even without understanding it exactly in the way we just described it. 

Many of us, also have had the experience of the dramatic change in feeling when the next phase begins; meaning the Conflict Stage.

Many of us, as a way to make sense of how our partner suddenly becomes a different person than the one we fell in love with, believe the Story our Egos create.  Usually it is something like,

“You are not who I thought you were,”

“You were pretending to be someone your aren’t and lying to me all along,”

“I was fooled; how could I be so blind,”

“This feeling of love can never last,”

…all of these statements are variations of this Ego theme:  The Light of Love can only last so long, and then we must all resign ourselves to conflicted, uncertain, unstable, bland, and unfulfilling relationships, in order to have the “safety and security” of a partner who “will never leave us.”


Can you stay open to the possibility that this theme is really just another Story?

Can you stay open to the possibility that the Conflict Stage is merely the next step of Relationship Development?

Can you stay open to the possibility of individually staying awake, staying connected to your Essence Self, while also staying committed to the potential power of your relationship?

Can you stay open to the possibility that your relationship might be able to grow you beyond your imagination, and transport you into deeper intimacy and connection (which happens in the next Stage: The Conscious Relationship)?

Can you stay open?

Once again, what do you have to lose?  Except maybe a little pride as you allow yourself to be vulnerable…

“Hold my hand as we walk through the fire; we may get burned, but the flames will transform our love into gold.”  Unknown


I am brilliant;

I am magnificent;

I am a being of Love and Light.

I am here to bring my Essence Self to every experience of my Life.

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