Hello Dear One.

Today is a good day to watch for signs that your Ego is attempting to take over.

Can you tell when your Ego is in charge?

Are you aware of when you are triggered and an Old Story is playing out?

There is a distinct difference in energy when you are plugged into your Essence Self compared to when you are in an Ego-activated Old Story.

Essence feels light and clean and invigorating.

Ego feels heavy and constricted and limiting.

So, even if you are completely unaware of what the Ego Story is, you can still tell that you may be re-playing one by focusing on your body and paying attention to your current physical experience.

Notice if there is tension in your neck or back?  Is your heart racing?  Are you sweating?  Is your mind racing, or fuzzy and confused? Are you sensing urgency?  Visually scanning your surroundings?  Head aching?  Stomach hurting?

These can all be symptoms of the genetic “fight or flight response” activated in an area of our brains (the hypothalamus) when we are feeling “threatened.”  This unconscious response, by its very nature, is designed to prepare us to protect ourselves from harm.


This is a really good thing if we are being chased by a tiger – or being robbed at gun point, smelling smoke from a fire, or swerving to miss a pedestrian on a slick road.

Most of the time, however, we are not in real danger; but rather we get triggered into an emotion that feels similar to one in our past when we actually were in harm’s way, physically or emotionally.

Pay attention to any of these symptoms that may show up today.  Some may be very obvious, some could be very subtle.  The more you are able to observe them, the more familiar you become with how your unconscious self reacts to perceived “threats” in your environment, the easier it becomes to change your experience.

Remember, the Ego does not know the difference between real danger and perceived danger; it does not know the difference between the past or the present.

The Ego just knows that if an emotion feels dangerous, it has a job to do to “protect” you from “harm.”

Today, be aware when you feel the energy of panic or urgency, or any of the previous mentioned symptoms…

When you do, take a conscious breath, and check your environment.

Is there real danger?

If not, remind yourself that you are safe and that really what is happening is that a more vulnerable part of you is simply feeling afraid, small or disconnected.

You have the power right now to comfort that small and scared part of yourself.

This is where the healing begins.

Breathe and remember your Essence:

I am brilliant;

I am magnificent;

I am a being of Love and Light.

I am here to bring my Essence Self to the world.

The world needs me.


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