I deliberately went to sleep last night without watching much of the massive election coverage swarming over TV and the internet. I did not want to be barraged with “projections” and opinions from the media (who are far from unbiased!). I wanted to be clear and refreshed and to awaken with hope, to the news of the moment. This morning, then, I learned that our new president is the Democrat we have watched over the last 21 months, some of us in awe, some of us with contempt, but I believe most of us, with respect for the power of his convictions, his intellect and his ability to inspire hope in many of us.

To see the new First Family walk out on stage in the video clips from last night, reminded me that we have once again changed the course of history. The faces of this lovely family are clearly darker than any of those who have resided in the White House before. I know that many will find this a threat because they are afraid of that which they are unfamiliar. When difference is so seemingly obvious, one of the beauties of our free country helps enlighten us: with freedom comes visibility, with visibility comes familiarity, with familiarity comes unity. There is a way to bridge our differences and find a way to relate if only we make contact with those we don’t yet know. Electing Barack Obama can remind us that we are all brothers and sisters; no one stands alone, no matter how great our differences may seem.

Hearing John McCain’s concession speech was also encouraging. His integrity came shining through, and the honorable man of character, whom many wondered may have disappeared, showed up to graciously concede the election to his opponent, offering support and encouraging his own followers to do the same.

To President-elect Obama, we know that you will now be pushed to the outer edges of your human limitations by the extraordinary challenges you have accepted as your responsibility. May you stay aligned with your Truth, and allow the Light of your Integrity guide you. It is now your time to shine and prove to those who voted for you, and especially to those who didn’t, that you indeed have the courage, skill, experience and honor to lead us into a future of Peace, Prosperity and Unity.

Blessings to you and us all.

Here’s to Change.