Good morning Love-able You.

Let’s begin with a very mindful, conscious breath.
No forcing, no controlling, just observing.
Take few moments to gently sit in presence with your breath…
When you feel ready to shift, allow yourself to consider how awake you really are to the experience of your life…

When we are not fully conscious or present with ourselves, we spend most of our time actually living in our heads in reaction to our emotions and physical sensations.  And then the thoughts that our minds create effect our emotions and our physical bodies; and we get stuck in an endless feedback loop of negativity.

When we get sucked into a “juicy” Ego Story, it’s like being at a really engaging movie and getting lost in the story playing out on the screen. 

viewing_3d_imax_clipsWhen it comes to entertainment, filmmakers strive to make movies that audiences lose themselves in.  We want to immerse ourselves in the lives of the characters when we sit in the theater for those couple of hours.  The more engrossed we become, the less aware we are of our own selves, outside of how the story is effecting us in that moment.  If plot is really good, we may relate so much to the characters, it is as if we become them, living their lives for the duration of the film.  Having audiences transfixed, transformed and transported is one of the hallmarks of an Oscar-worthy film.

However, when it comes to our own Ego Stories, if we become too engaged in them it is also like we are living life on the screen as a Character, but we are unaware that really, while our physical bodies may be acting out on the screen, our Authentic Self is not on the screen at all, but rather our Authentic Self is the Director – the Observer, the Decision Maker.

That part of us that observes how we are “acting” (thinking, feeling, behaving), and the one who makes the decisions about how and what plays out on the screen of our lives, is our Essence Self.

When we live as a Character lost in the story on the screen, we cannot see the forest for the trees.  The story becomes us.  We don’t just feel fear, we become fear.  We don’t just feel resentment, we become resentment.  The quality of what we become flavors the quality of our lives.

If I am lost in an Ego Story that tells me that “I am always betrayed,” I become the Character who is always betrayed.  And guess what I attract?  Scenes which affirm that Story again and again.

That is what I will live and experience; the Story puts its filter over my experience.  Light does not get through; Essence cannot shine…Until and unless I can recognize that while I may have been betrayed in the past, even many times, I don’t have to keep telling that Story; I don’t have to keep living it…

I can create a New Story.

another-director-chairOnce I get myself grounded in the knowledge that I am not a Character in my Ego Story, but instead, the Director, the Observer and Decision Maker, of my Life, I may begin to see a little clearer. 

With a New Essence Story that says I am Awake and Aware and Intuitive and Confident and Self-Loving, I may notice things a lot sooner than I did in the past when I was still living through the filter of my old “Betrayal” Ego Story. 

I might speak up when things don’t seem right. 

I might assert myself and ask questions until I have clarity. 

I might recognize the trouble in the relationship sooner and have the courage address it. 

I might make a decision that this is not the kind of relationship I want to be in and end it in an act of Self-Love.

These are Essence Actions.

Today, let us hold an intention to notice when we are getting lost in a Story. 

Let us hold an intention to shift from being a Character on the screen, to sitting in the Director’s chair.

Let us hold an intention to step into our Essence Story…

Be the Director of your Life…


Breathe consciously, Direct your Life,

and remember:

I am brilliant;

I am magnificent;

I am a being of Love and Light.

I am here to bring my Essence Self to the world.

“An actor is just a part of a movie, but director – he is the movie.”
~Amit Kalantri

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