Welcome to the first in a series of Conscious Inspirations emails.  I hope they will indeed inspire you to stay true to your journey toward living a fulfilling and peaceful life…

As we are about to enter into the second month of the New Year, how would it be to remember what a wonderful opportunity you have to begin anew, to start fresh, to re-claim who You Really Are?

Let’s begin with the New Year’s resolutions you may have made this year.  Are they the same ones you’ve made every year, and then felt guilty about not following through past the first 3 weeks?

What if, this year, right now, instead of focusing on external goals that often fizzle away once they lose their luster, you let go of your guilt, and begin with an internal goal; one that brings you back to the Source of all fulfillment and peace.

Would you be willing to consider the following:

“Who are you?”   You’re not sure?  Ok, well then,

“Who do you want to be?”

You get to decide!

What if your “resolution” this year is simply to hold an intention to be your Fullest Self by getting as Conscious as you can, as often as you can?

You can choose right now to live this moment in alignment with your Fullest Self.  You get to choose who you are and how you will live; in essence, you get to create your own experience of your life…

How exciting!

And, at the same time, this may not be so easy if, like most of us human beings in this crazy world, you have lost the connection to the part of you at the very center of your being.

However, there is a simple way back.

You can connect with your Center, your Soul, because it is always there, and it is always available to you.

You just have to remember this…and then find your way Home!

Try this:

Take a breath and consciously experience yourself breathing.  Become still.  Turn inward.  Simply breathe and observe.

In the quiet, there You Are.

This is where you will find your answers.

Start here and then watch as your outer world changes to reflect the Clarity and Joy you are cultivating from within…