Client Feedback

“Carol is a gift from God and is one of the most loving, compassionate therapists – more than any other counselor, healer, or program that I’ve experienced thus far. Carol helped me dare to go deeper and tap into the stored grief and rage from a lifetime of unexpressed emotion and she created a sacred and safe space in order to feel it and release it. She helped me to finally see all the different facets of myself and learn to recognize which part was running the show at any given moment–and then integrate to the full expression of who I am now. I’m so grateful that I was guided into her care and have never felt better in my life.”

“I have been to many therapists over the years and have been lucky enough to find most of them helpful. Having said that, I think that Carol is at the top of my list. Her style of therapy and the “conscious” ways of living that we have discussed suit me perfectly. She enables me to find my way through a complex world with very simple techniques. I am grateful!”

“I am quite happy I decided to work with Ashley…she is a very attentive listener, and is very engaged and proactive in our conversation. On a more subliminal level, we resonate well and I feel very comfortable talking with her. I’m looking forward to working with her to get my life back on the right track.”

“Kathy is a gifted and intuitive energy healer and really connects soul to soul. She is highly attuned to the energetic frequency and has an uncanny ability to sense when I’m in my head or in my heart by the vibration I’m offering. I’m very familiar and trained in energy work so it takes someone very gifted to take me deeper and who can get me to move past my own ego – the part of me who ‘already knows all this stuff!’ She totally gets me and where I’m at but not from a place of superiority or having risen above it all… but rather from a place of compassion and deep understanding of the inner struggle that we all have to varying degrees. In other words, she’s real and doesn’t come across as a “guru” who’s got it all figured out, but rather someone who is right there with you on the path.”