Morning greetings to you.

Another day has passed.  Today is a new one.

Probably your outer world has not changed all that much since yesterday.  But what about your inner experience?  Can you feel a shift at all?   Do you feel “lighter” this morning than you did yesterday?  Even a little?

Have you had any new thoughts, new insights, new ideas that might ease the burden you have felt?


Maybe there is nothing that you need to “do” at all at the moment, other than being more gentle with yourself and all of those around you.

Maybe as you slow down, you might realize that what you have been upset with lately isn’t as big of a catastrophe as you first imagined.

Maybe as you come to accept the things you can not change, your energy can be focused on the things you can.

This might allow you to feel connected, productive, hopeful, even if your external situation does not change.

You may not be able to cure your illness;

You may not be able to bring back a lost loved one;

You may not be able to re-write your past;

Or for that matter, you may not be able to force the sun to shine in the middle of the night.

Accept it all.  Or suffer as you try in vain to change something you can not change.  Acceptance or suffering.   Your choice.

Then, once you do and are ready to focus inward, the changes can occur.

This really is the natural flow of life.

Once you have taken the time to feel and process, the path becomes clearer.

If you pay attention, guidance appears.

Someone recommends a book.  You hear a song on the radio.   A memory surfaces.  An insight pops into your head.

When you are ready, ask yourself,

“Knowing that this situation is what it is, how can I bring my best and fullest self forward into it?”

As you heed your guidance and you take this next action, your soul expands and your experience changes…

Always for the better.

Repeat this many times today:

I am brilliant;

I am magnificent;

I am a being of Love and Light.

I am here to bring my Essence Self to every experience of my Life.

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