free sun through treesI find that it is easiest to stay connected to my most authentic, Essence self when life is smooth and things are going along as I expected and I feel happy, right?

However, not as easy to remember Who I Am, when life throws me a curve ball, and unexpected things thwart my plans!  Can you relate?

Without a regular routine of “plugging” back in to my Essence, I can easily find myself sliding back into the groove of my old stories and patterns that threaten to keep me small and limited.

So I created some new habits:

For instance, beginning my day with at least 30 minutes of meditation; Conscious Breathing throughout the day to bring myself into the present moment; revisiting my Essence List often; and I think, most powerfully, holding an energetic intention each morning to bring a desired feeling into my day.

Can you imagine how powerful it could be to set the tone for your day with a positive feeling that you can take with you and plug back into any time you bring your awareness back to the energy of that feeling?  It is more than a thought; it is an organic, energetic experience. 

I would like to share the power of this last habit with you.  I invite you to join me each day as I offer an inspirational intention with you in an email.  I will send it out early enough in the day for you to have it available to open, read and really feel before you begin your day.

Make Conscious Intentions part of your daily health routine.

You can get started right now with this:

First, become aware of your physical body, starting with how you perceive the world around you, using all five of your senses.

Bring your focus to your mouth and your sense of Taste.

Pay attention to your nose and your sense of Smell.

Notice your eyes and your experience of your sense of Sight.

Focus on your ears and the sounds around you using your sense of Hearing.

Observe all the contact points on your body as you experience your sense of Touch.

Then, bring your awareness to your experience of your Full Body Presence, from the top of your head to the tips of your toes.  Feeling the wholeness of your physical body in this material world…

Then, become fully conscious of your breath.

No need to force it, Life is flowing through you, so your breath flows without you having to control anything…

Feel yourself  inhale and exhale.
Notice how effortless it is to just breathe.

Now, bring your awareness to the beating of your heart; pumping without any effort on your part.  The Flow of Life is doing this for you…

Then, feel the energy of Love that your heart holds.  Feel the warm glow of Love expanding from the center of your Heart, filling you from the inside out, emanating out into the world around you…

Say to yourself and really feel:

I am brilliant;

I am magnificent;

I am a being of Love and Light.

I am here to bring my Essence Self to the world.

Feel the truth of this knowledge and intention.  (If you can’t seem to feel it, imagine what it would feel like if you could; eventually, this will become second nature).

Now take that brilliant, magnificent You and express it as often as you can.  

The world needs the energy of your Essence.

Now more than ever.

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