Core Essence Truths.

Yesterday, we opened ourselves to compassion for the very human Oscar Diggs, and also allowed ourselves to be kind and loving to the Child Self within us who may still have some unconscious attachments to negative Core Ego Beliefs; ones which keep us limited, small and  Acting out Stories that have very little to do with the Truth of Who We Really Are at our Essence…

Today, let’s imagine what it might be like if we had more solid and truthful Beliefs to help us develop new and more Authentic Stories for ourselves. 

Imagine how it might look if our Adult Selves were now in the command center of our lives.  Our Adult Selves who are crystal clear about what brilliant, magnificent, beings of Love and Light we are in Truth, and about the Potential we have to express this Truth as often as possible…

What if instead of allowing our Core Ego Beliefs to take over, we remembered the reality of our Core Essence Truths and made a conscious effort to connect with them?

These Core Essence Truths are the foundation of our Essence Selves.  They are the building blocks of the Authentic Stories of our lives. 

Remember your Essence of Me List?  Now would be a good day to re-visit it.  If you have forgotten where it is, or how to develop one, click here for a reminder. 

Ah yes, remember those Essence Qualities?   Good!  Those Essence Qualities ARE your Core Essence Truths.

Today is a very good day to remember the Truth of Who You Are

Today, is a very good day to hold an intention to tap into the feeling of the Qualities that are on your Essence List; not just the idea of them, but the real, energetic experience of them.

The practice of shifting into the energy of the experience of these Qualities will change the nature of your experience…

You can live aligned with your Core Essence Truths…

If you choose…

…to believe that Life is always moving toward Growth, Health and Full Potential…

…and be willing to make any effort necessary to move into your Light.

Even if you are not sure how, any movement in a different direction will take you out of old energy and open up to new and better possibilities.

“That’s the downside of growing up. There’s a lot of pretending involved. We frequently act like someone other than who we really are because we don’t know or aren’t comfortable with our true selves.”  ~ Connor Franta


I am brilliant;

I am magnificent;

I am a being of Love and Light.

I am here to bring my Essence Self to every experience of my Life.

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