What do I do with all this pain?

We live on a planet that is rife with stress and strife.  It is a physical world after all, and from a scientific perspective, there is no growth without some type of tension between what is no longer useful and what is being newly created. 

Whether this is a flower needing to wither and fall off a stem so that a new bud can grow in its place; or the natural process of older people dying as new babies are born and populate the planet.

Hmm, imagine if that were also true on a psychological, emotional and spiritual level too.  That all growth entails some kind of discomfort as we release the familiar and obsolete past and welcome the potential of the unknown future.

On every level, there is no growth without discomfort.

In our very human experience, there is no avoiding pain.

Of course, the pain of a well-worked and sore muscle is very different from the pain of a broken bone.

On both a physical level and an emotional level, we can tell the difference between the pain of discomfort that is part of growth and the pain that is signaling us that something is wrong, and we need to take action.

If we slow down and really listen to our intuition, our Essence Self speaking to us, we may be able to perceive a stillness beneath the pain of growth discomfort.  If we don’t get swept away by any fear that may try to take over, we may even be able to feel a deep knowing that this is a place of healing and evolution; we just need to ride the wave…

Whereas when we listen to the pain that signals real danger of harm, and that some action is necessary, it feels urgent.  Urgent, even if we are able to calm our minds and get centered.  It feels less like a tap on the shoulder or a whisper in the ear; and more like a smack in the head and a shout in the face!

With a broken bone, we need to take action and get to the doctor to have the bone set and plastered. 

With a repeating emotional pattern that keeps smacking us in the face, we need to take action and shift direction. 

One way or the other, something needs to change…

Today, can you notice which discomfort is part of your growth and needs to be simply walked through; and which is pain that is signaling you to make a change?

It is easier than your Ego wants to let you believe…if you slow down and listen…

“No matter how great the size of the waves, don’t fight, but ride them in; let them bring you gently to the shore.”
~ Anonymous


I am brilliant;

I am magnificent;

I am a being of Love and Light.

I am here to bring my Essence Self to every experience of my Life.

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