Good morning Dearest.

“When anxiety was great within me, your consolation brought joy to my soul.” Psalm 94:19

So now we have a new routine of holding a Conscious Intention every day to Remember Who We Are and Express that as often as we can.  This is a good practice.  I do so every day myself.

Perhaps like some of you, I have been finding it challenging to stay in Essence energy lately.  I have been wondering how to keep turning toward Love and Light when the state of our country seems so out of control, and in many ways appears to be turning toward fear and hatred.

For the last week, I had been really working on shifting my focus away from all the hatred being thrown back and forth.

Away from my own despair about how far we seemed to have come up, and now how far we seem to be falling.

Away from my confusion about how I could love a person who lives in a completely different reality with a completely different mindset than me.

Away from my sadness for all the women who have fought so hard for the rights that I have today and for all the girls who might have to fall backwards now before they can move forward again.

Away from my anguish about how loving another human being can still being questioned, de-valued and denigrated because of the gender of either one of us.

Away from my shame about how we, as a nation still treat people of color, and how some have absolutely no clue how deeply institutionalized racism cuts into the fabric of our nation.

But it has been really, really hard to shift, let alone find a quiet and gentle place to land so I  can try to make a conscious choice and express my Essence self as often as I can

My mind is screaming, “THIS CAN’T BE HAPPENING!” 

My inclination is to SHAKE ANYONE WHO IS BELIEVING THIS IS A GOOD TURN FOR OUR COUNTRY.stress-864141_960_720

My survival instinct is telling me to LEAVE THE U.S. AND FIND A BETTER PLACE TO LIVE!

I try not to overdose on news coverage; mainstream or otherwise because usually, after the first 5 minutes of giving myself a daily update, the energy of the broadcast only feeds my fear and my Ego starts telling me stories of anger, resentment, suffering, retribution, vengeance and powerlessness, to name only a few of my reactive emotions.

Today, however, something shifted in me.

Today, something new opened up in me.

Today, I think I am beginning to understand how I can try to pull myself out of fear and hopelessness about the huge divide in our country.

Maybe, just maybe, as a nation of individual human beings, we weren’t connected enough for the leap many of us thought we were about to take.


Maybe, the frequency of those of us who do feel connected to each other, no matter what color, gender, sex, sexual orientation, religion or political leaning, is still not strong or high enough to influence the frequency of those who are still ruled by fear.

Maybe, this upset we are experiencing now is just pointing exactly to the purpose many of us know we have in our lives:  To REMEMBER WHO WE ARE and EXPRESS OUR ESSENCE SELVES AS OFTEN AS WE CAN.  In other words, to raise the energetic vibration of our own experience and in doing so, inviting and attracting and creating what we really want: Peace.  Connection.  Love.

Maybe, this insanity is the kick in the ass we need to wake us up:

Ok kids, you want love in the world?  Be love.  Not just when it is easy.  But when it is really, really hard. 

When you can’t breathe and are in shock at the hatred that is coming at you. 

When you are stunned in disbelief at how many people seem to have swallowed the Kool Aid and been bamboozled.

When you can’t speak because you have been so degraded and disrespected you are at a loss for words. 

When you can’t see through the tears in your eyes and feel anything other than the pain in your heart at the inhumane way the poor, the disadvantaged and the disenfranchised continue to be kicked to the ground and de-humanized.


Yes, when it is THAT hard.

How hard is it to even imagine that when “haters” hate – we should send them love in return.

Now, wait, I am NOT saying to sit back and take no action to change the things you want to change – in fact  ACTION is the thing that materializes change on a physical level. 

We absolutely must take action, but we need to take action from a place of solid and empowered loving energy in order for us to create the reality we want to live in.

Remember beneath the “hate,” beneath the “rage,” homophobia, sexism, racism, (or any other “-ism” we can imagine) of anyone, is FEAR. 

Fear of being less than, fear of feeling inadequate, helpless, powerless, small, impotent, vulnerable, worthless, weak…

The Egos of those who are steeped in this kind of Fear create personalities who bully, denigrate, disrespect, belittle, rape, shame, exploit and disenfranchise those who seem to have less power. 

And then their Egos justify these kinds of behaviors by de-humanizing and demonizing those who they are in reality, most afraid of.

Our human selves can easily be drawn into the Ego reaction of “hating” these fearful bullies right back.



What if our mission, what if the purpose of the state of the world right now, on a larger and deeper level, is to challenge us in ways that feel impossible to imagine.  

What if we are being forced now, to really step up and be the change we want to see.

We could move to another country.

We could curl up in defeat.

Or we could choose not to give away our power.

We could choose to stay put, stand firm, and not run away. 

We could choose Love and stand up for ourselves and what we believe in.

For us all.

Our anxiety doesn’t have to shut us down; let’s use it to wake us up.

Breathe consciously, and remember this is Who You Are:

I am brilliant;

I am magnificent;

I am a being of Love and Light.

I am here to bring my Essence Self to the world.

The world needs me.  More than ever.


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