Dear Patient Friend.

First things first…feel your breath.

Become aware of the air flowing in and out of your physical self…as you also become aware of your body as the physical self that it is…

See if you can discern between that self of you that is physical and the self of you that is Essence

That would be the You that is observing your breath, observing your physical body…

Feel the sense of knowing that you are not your breath, nor your body, but rather You are the Observer of it all.

The real You, the Essence You, is not the thinker, or the do-er; rather the real You is the Observer, the You that knows you are thinking, that knows you are doing…

Hmmm…Reflect on this for a moment…If it resonates, allow yourself to really feel it.

If you are not sure if it does yet, be Patient…

Today, let us hold an intention to be more Patient…

If it is not already on your Essence of Me list, let’s add “I am Patient” to it.  Yes, even if you have trouble with this particular quality.  If you can imagine being Patient, if you desire to express being Patient more often, then it already exists within the Essence of You.

Patient.  The Google Dictionary definition is: patient-dog

pa·tient; adjective:  able to accept or tolerate delays, problems, or suffering without becoming annoyed or anxious.

Oh my goodness, how I LOVE this definition, as well as the profound quality of the word itself.  It just oozes with potential of such enormous expansion and growth.   

This word is far from lightweight; it is rich with Essence energy.  It is a quality that cannot stand alone in terms of Essence energy; in order to be Patient, we must also be able to tap in to some other pretty powerful Essence qualities, for instance:  I am Confident, I am Solid, I am Present, I am Brave, I am Faithful, I am Trusting, I am Safe, I am Connected, I am Authentic…

Can you feel the depth of this word, Patient, and the energy of the other Essence qualities which infuse it?

Take a moment and breathe into the quality of I am Patient. 

Can you find the feeling of it?  Give it a moment or two before deciding if you can’t…

And if you can not feel it, start with another quality that is easier for you to find.

Perhaps; I am Confident.

I am Solid.

I am Brave.

I am Present.

I am Connected.

Just feel what you can feel here for a moment…

Make no mistake, there is a certain level of presence we must reach in order to be able to accept the challenges of “delays, problems, or suffering” without allowing our more primitive Ego selves to take over.  Without allowing our little Child Selves to throw some kind of temper tantrum or allowing our Teenage Selves to be sarcastic and mean in order to achieve a more instant gratification.

This is really hard.

This takes PRACTICE.

And paradoxically, it takes ever-growing bits of patience to learn to Be Patient more often than not… 

When we feel ourselves edging toward something we want, something in the future, something we want to avoid feeling right now, or wanting to numb the pain of an old story from the past…

It feels urgent.  Our Ego Selves say “Hurry, hurry…I must:

Make that phone call;

Send that text;

city-people-walking-blurGive them a decision;

Change my mind;

Write a check;

Eat some ice cream;

Take a drink;

Light up a joint;

Turn on the TV;

Have superficial sex;

…and I must do it NOW!”

Rushing to move out of the discomfort…

Imagine instead, we pause, notice our breath, turn inward, center ourselves, and then remember the Essence of Who We Are…

…knowing that ultimately we are safe, nothing is urgent, and then allowing the discomfort to show us where we need to grow.  Within the discomfort are the seeds of expansion, of healing, of growth and evolution.

If we can sit with our discomfort, we become more intimate in the knowledge of ourselves.  We become more connected to a Power greater than ourselves.   

We can feel the Power of Life Itself sitting right there with us.

This growing relationship between our Selves and our Higher Power strengthens the foundation of our experiences, of our lives.  And so much more rich they become.

Today, let us Be Patient.  Let the Discomfort show us where to grow.

Breathe consciously, Be Patient with yourself and know:

I am brilliant;

I am magnificent;

I am a being of Love and Light.

I am here to bring my Essence Self to the world.

Why is patience so important?  Because it makes us pay attention.”
~ Paulo Coelho

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