Are you having difficulty with the idea of expressing your Essence self as often as you can?
Perhaps you have your Essence of Me list on hand and you review it each morning and evening, and maybe even think about it throughout the day.
You may even be able to tap into the good feeling that comes with plugging into the Truth of Who You Are every once in a while.
But maybe, more often, it is really hard to feel good and express your Truth when…
Your boss berates or devalues you;
your spouse belittles or ignores you;
your kid resists or defies you;
your mother pressures or infantilizes you…etc., etc., etc…
You may say, “I can’t help but react to these triggers.  My reaction seems so instant, there is no time to do anything different.”
And then, when you react, you wind up being vindictive, passive aggressive, demeaning, withdrawn, sullen…etc., etc., etc…
Right now, ask yourself,
“Is it true that I have no control over how I react?  Is it really true that there is no moment where I could pause…take a conscious breath, and remember Who I Really Am and choose to stop reacting from my Ego, and instead choose to respond from my Essence?”
Hmm, well maybe you might not be able to do all of that at once.  But can you imagine slowing it down a little?
Today is a good day to practice paying more attention to your True self.
Today is a good day to practice noticing the choices that you make.
Today is a good day to take a conscious breath and then choose to express the Essence of You as often as you can…
Guaranteed, your experience will change for the better.

Breathe consciously, choose to express the Essence of You today:

I am brilliant;

I am magnificent;

I am a being of Love and Light.

I am here to bring my Essence Self to the world.

The world needs me.


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