First, what is “the problem” in your life?  Financial stress?  Family discord? Relationship conflicts?

Then, what is the story you have told yourself about this problem?  There is never enough?  Life is a struggle?  I am un-loved?

Now, do the stories make sense?

On some level, of course they do; they originated at an earlier time in your life when it was the only way to make sense of things that made no sense…

Your mind created that story to keep you safe, to help you survive, continue to function – and the story is still stuck there, somewhere in your sub-consciousness.

There is a younger aspect of you, holding tight to the story because that part of you does not know the difference between the powerless-ness of the you in the past, versus the empowerment of the you in the present.

Gratefully, the pain you suffered then, in your childhood, or anytime in your past up until now, has helped develop some of your muscles and made you the amazing person you are right now; and you are amazing.

But often, you forget this.

You forget that the struggle is only a struggle if you engage and participate in it.

There can’t be a tug of war with only one side of the rope being pulled.

When you get vulnerable, the primitive part of your brain, the Ego part of your mind, taps into survival mode, and it tries to protect you by filtering things through a familiar story (the one still floating around in your sub-consciousness).

The story that saved you then.

Thank you, story.  Thank you, Ego.

But now, the old story no longer serves you.

It keeps you small, trapped, limited, and full of fear.

You must become aware of the story…

You must know what the story is.

You must be able to recognize the story when it is trying to take over.

You must become the observer in your life – not a character in your story.

Your observer self is your Essence self.

Your Essence self knows when the story is playing out.

Your Essence self can move from being a passive character in the story of your life to being the active protagonist in the experience of your life.

Once your Essence self gently removes the younger self from the driver seat, lovingly and kindly, strapping her/him safely into the passenger seat beside you; then you can begin to own your life.

Then, you can begin to make the conscious choices about who you are, what you want, how you want live, and how to take action in the direction you want to go.

The younger you can not go back to heal; the only way to heal and move forward is to recognize the magnificence of who you already are at your Essence.

Then, you embrace that younger you – with kindness, compassion and love.

This is where the healing begins, as you begin to gently let go of the old, familiar story.

Your mother can’t do it for you.

Your father can’t do it for you.

Your husband or wife can’t do it for you.

Your kids can’t do it for you.

But you can.

It is the only way.

You are brilliant.

You are magnificent.

You are full of light.

You have just forgotten because you have been in survival mode for so long.

So now, remember who you really are.

The potential of your life is unlimited.

It doesn’t matter what the external circumstances of your life look like.

You may be broke.

You may be sick.

You may be homeless.

You may be without family or friends.

Yes, my dear, feel your pain, and then remember:

You are still brilliant, magnificent and full of light at your very Essence.

What are you going to do with these Truths?

How are you going to step into the expression of your brilliance, your magnificence, your brightest light?

Making a decision about this is the reason you are here.

These challenging circumstances are giving you an opportunity to BE the brilliant, magnificent, full of light self that you ARE.

The story may tell you that your circumstances should look different than they are.

Stop listening to that story.

The circumstances of your life are what they are.

Honestly, you may not be able to change any of them instantly.

But, you can change how you respond to them; right this very moment.

Do you feel the POWER in that?

You can fill yourself up from the inside out.

Stop telling yourself any story that makes you feel bad.

Feel the pain that comes with being human, and then stop telling the story.

Just stop it.


Just stop it.

You are brilliant.

You are magnificent.

You are full of light.

Be an expression of this.

All the time; as often as you can.

No matter how much physical pain you may have.

No matter how little/much money you have.

No matter where you live.

No matter how many friends you may or may not have.

Let your inner light show you what the next right action is.

Trust that light when it slows you down to pause.

There must be an exhale behind an inhale.

Be curious when a new opportunity arises.

It will.

Life will reveal itself.

Change is always for the good – even if it doesn’t look that way at first.



Take action from a place of Love, never fear.

It might be the exact same action, but the energy you infuse it with will determine the quality of your experience.

You are brilliant.

You are magnificent.

You are full of light.

Give up the old story.

Write a new one.

The world needs you.

Now is the time.