Real and Practical Resource for Grounded, Authentic, Essence-Centered Living.

Sisters and Brothers…

During this time of such upheaval and uncertainty, it is hard to know where we are headed, who is telling the truth, which direction to go, or what action to take…

Could you use a Real and Practical Resource to staying Grounded, Authentic, and Essence-Centered both personally and on a larger scale? 

Many of us are struggling to make sense of the disparity within our communities, and the vitriol that seems to be fueled as our differing perspectives collide against each other.

Numbers of us are absolutely certain of the view we have, and have extreme difficulty comprehending the views of others who seem just as certain, yet 180 degrees in the other direction.

All of These Dynamics Mirror Those in Our Personal Relationships…

Are they wrong?

Am I wrong?

Who’s Reality is the REAL Reality?

This is not a simple time.  And it would seem that, no matter your political leaning, the state of our nation needed an overhaul.  Not all of us agreed with how the revisions should happen, but here we are, with not much choice but to accept change as an inevitable and integral aspect of our growth. 

Of course, in order for us to take our lives to the next level and create the new reality we desire, it is imperative that we participate by taking Essence-Centered Action.

If you are at all familiar with the work we do here at Conscious Choices, you might be aware of our belief that all change is for the better, even if the benefits are not immediately visible to us. 

Under typical circumstances with our clients, our focus is generally directed toward individuals and couples who are struggling in their personal relationships with family, friends and co-workers.

The Political and the Global are Now More Personal than Ever.

However, it would seem that most recently, what once was often considered only political, and outside the realm of most of our daily lives, has suddenly become very personal for us all…

We used to be able to gently compartmentalize the goings-on of the world so we could manage the stressful details of our day-to-day lives. 

We could choose when to turn on the news, when to point our awareness toward social justice issues, foreign affairs, environmental concerns, etc.  And conversely, we could choose when to re-focus from those topics to practical things like taking care of the kids, the bills, the homework, the job, and yes, our relaxation and healing time…

But today, with so much information instantly available to us; and with so much being at stake, our ability to compartmentalize in healthy and helpful ways is being stretched to the limit.

It is challenging to stay grounded and non-reactive when we are feeling so vulnerable and out of control – the primary emotional states which trigger Fear-based Ego Actions.

Of course, this happens in our personal relationships too; it just seems that now, everything feels super-charged by the big shifts that are happening in the world around us.

So, how do we find a balance of staying informed, accepting what we cannot change, creating boundaries to reduce toxicity, remembering Who We Are and What We Want, and then taking Essence-Center Action in order to change the things we can.   Knowing that as we make these kinds of positive changes in our personal lives, we influence the energy of everyone and everything around us…

The Evolution of a New Program.

Months ago, I had been developing a series of daily email reminders to help create a new routine for setting the tone for one’s day. 

What started out as a 21 day journey to create a new daily habit of holding an intention to stay Conscious, Authentic and Essence-Centered, turned into an inspiration to develop a larger program.  As I wrote and practiced these Intentions myself every day, and as I got feedback from those who were also reading them, I was inspired to expand them into something a bit more comprehensive than just an assortment of daily email reminders.

I also got the sense that there may be some who would want to integrate them with a more structured approach than the type of somewhat more “traditional” therapy we generally do at Conscious Choices.

You are Not Powerless.

Over time, these ideas transformed into the basis for an exciting new program called, “Essence Bootcamp: 12 Weeks to a More Authentic Life.”

At its foundation, this program focuses on bringing Consciousness to all aspects of our lives, especially within Relationships. 

Let’s face it, even if we are not currently partnered, we all are in various types of relationships in every area of our lives.  The truth is relationships form the very fabric of our human lives. 

Relationships are the Place Where We Find the Most Satisfaction; And Where We are Apt to Find the Most Pain…

If you are curious, this course will be perfect for those of you who are coupled (traditionally or otherwise) and want a more structured way to practice staying connected to your Essence Self while you also practice looking for Essence in your partner;

As well, it will be perfect for single folks who also want to discover the Truth of Who You Are while at the same time finding ways to express that Truth in the world you live in.

Either way, this program will help you discover your Authentic Self and ways to step into your Fullest Potential in every area of your life, especially at a time in our existence when staying True to one’s Essence can be extraordinarily difficult, while also having the most significant impact…

If you have been a counseling client at Conscious Choices, either with myself, or one of the other therapists, this 12 week program could be a great choice for you to reinforce and boost the work you have already done…

If you want to know more, click here for more information.

I would be honored to walk with you as we all explore our ability to stay Authentic and Essence-Centered in every aspect of our lives.

I invite you join me in exploring the next level of Consciousness your Life is calling you to create.

You are not powerless on any level. 

You are brilliant; you are magnificent; and you are here to bring your Essence Self to this world.

Discover how to create the experience you want have.

Many blessings.



I am brilliant;

I am magnificent;

I am a being of Love and Light.

I am here to bring my Essence Self to every experience of my Life.

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Essence Bootcamp: 12 Weeks to a More Authentic Life.