LBGTQ Services

LBGTQ Services

Here at Conscious Choices, we understand that Lesbian and Gay relationships have unique dynamics that their heterosexual counterparts do not deal with on a regular basis. Issues like homophobia, both institutionalized and internalized, can add extra pressure to a same-sex relationships, and be difficult to sort through with a therapist who may not have this specific understanding.

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Additionally, we know that those who identify as Bisexual may have confusion associated with the ambiguity inherent in this identification, whether it originates from within, or from the culture at large. Our human minds are programmed to seek “definition,” and we live in a world that reinforces conformity and linear thinking. As such, we can become uncomfortable when we can’t fit someone or something “in a box,” as a way to try and “understand” and make sense of things. We can help support you in becoming more comfortable with the “discomfort” of ambiguity. Being able to accept this kind of discomfort frees us to embrace our unique-ness and just BE who we are.

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We also have experience working with Transgender folks at all stages of transition. Whether you are just beginning to question your gender identity, have already begun hormone treatment, or have gone on to have surgery (top, bottom, or both), we can help you navigate this journey. And if you have a partner who is going through the process with you, we can support your relationship as it adapts to these significant changes in your life.

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Although all human dynamics have many core similarities, our team at Conscious Choices knows that LGBT experiences have their own unique set of challenges, and are here to help you navigate them with you.

Our team includes a diverse range of therapists who either identify with the LGBTQ Community themselves or have various personal and professional experience in this area. We are committed to continuously expanding our knowledge and expertise to support you and your ongoing health, well-being and growth.