Hello Brilliant One.

Right now, breathe with awareness…Inhale….Exhale…

As you do, become aware of your presence in your own body.

Let us take a moment to remember the last time you felt discouraged or uncertain…

Remember how, at the time, things felt bleak, dark, stagnant?

And then, something changed.

Remember the last time you knew the Universe was leading you to a change that needed to happen?

When you were on edge of a decision that you knew, on some level, would completely shift the trajectory of your life…?

Maybe it was a long term relationship that you knew it was time to leave?

Maybe it was a short term relationship that no longer moved toward the potential you hoped it would have had?

Maybe it was a job you imagined you’d retire from that no longer fed your passion?

Maybe it was a friendship that no longer felt aligned with your energy?

Maybe it was a close family member who you realized was toxic to be around?

Do you remember the angst that may have held you captive for a while before you stepped off the edge and into your decision to go with the Flow of Life and trust that it was leading you toward the next best thing?

Or maybe you are still living inside the angst?

It’s like that scene in film The Last Crusade where Indiana Jones must take that “leap of faith” even though he cannot see the bridge that is laid out before him.  But what choice does he have?

He must trust that he is being led by his father’s voice in the direction of Goodness and Victory.  

You must believe, boy; you must believe.”

We can think of this scene as our own Essence guidance speaking to us and leading us always in the direction of our Highest Good.  Even if, in the moment, we can’t see the path.  And maybe sometimes we can’t even imagine what the final destination is…Is there ever a final destination???

How can I know that leaving my 25 year conflicted relationship will be better for me than staying?

How can I know that ending an unsatisfying short-term relationship will open a door for the next opportunity for me to grow?

How can I know that quitting this job will lead me toward a situation that can move me more toward my potential?

How can I know that I will attract more like-minded friends as I release the old ones?

How can I know that my life will be richer when I remove toxicity and open to positivity and health?

How can we know we are being shown the way? 

We know through paying attention to all that has led us to this decision point…

Look around at your situation.


Are things flowing?  Is there relative ease?  Are you smiling?  Are you expressing your best Essence self more often than not…?

Or do things seem forced?  Do your plans seemed to be thwarted with every step in the same direction?  Are you forcing, controlling, avoiding, manipulating, ignoring, placating, pretending???

All of these are signals from the Universe indicating to you that things need to shift. 

The Flow of Life is blocked.  Something needs to give.

The shift may be small, like being honest and expressing what you want in your relationship or at your job.

The shift may be big, like actually filing paperwork for a divorce or handing in your resignation.

The Natural Flow of Life does not judge right or wrong here; there are only clear indications that you can’t keep moving in the direction you are going, unless you want to keep banging your head against a figurative wall…and continue to get the same restricted, confined, destructive results.

Shift.  Even a little.  You will continue to be guided if there is more adjustment needed for your best and highest good.

Believe.  Life is ever-changing.  Change is always for the good, even if you can’t see how…yet.

Trust.  The path will appear; actually, it already exists, you just need to take the next step.


“Life remains unchanged till a leap of faith runs towards heaven.” ~ Santosh Kalwar

Breathe consciously, take the Leap and know:

I am brilliant;

I am magnificent;

I am a being of Love and Light.

I am here to bring my Essence Self to every experience of my Life.

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