Today is a good day to practice expressing Love when it is hard.

Today, when your partner blames you;

when your kid resists your requests;

when your boss ignores your ideas;

when your sibling dismisses your experience;

when your friend leaves you out…

First of course, feel your feelings.

It is natural to initially feel defensive, indignant, belittled, diminished, rejected – in reaction to these interactions.

Allow the tender parts of you feel these feelings…Let them flow; don’t resist.  Give yourself a little time to sit with them.

A little time.

Then, breathe consciously and focus your attention on bringing yourself into connection with your Essence, the part of you that is plugged into your Authentic Self your God Self.

Once you plug in, your Adult can take over and soothe the younger, more vulnerable aspects of yourself.   This is the part of you that knows on a deep and solid level that you are whole, and smart, and worthy, and lovable, and valuable, and perfectly imperfect, doing the best that you can.

Feel how solid you are here.

Now, let’s look at your partner, your kid, your boss, your sibling, your friend –boy-fence-bully and how “rotten” they are acting…

Like the bully we’ve talked about before, if they are behaving in any way less than lovingly, you know from your solid Adult perspective that on some level, they are hurting, afraid, insecure…

From your Adult perspective, you know that their actions are just defenses to protect them from feeling those vulnerable emotions.  Can you tap into compassion?

From your Adult perspective, you know there is Essence energy beneath all of this bluster.  Can you remember the Truth of Who They Are?

And because you know how to look for the Light in yourself now, you can also look for it in them.

Make it a point today to look for it.

You also know that you have the power to invite them into the Light of their own Essence.


You know this too, don’t you?

It’s simple, really.  Not always easy, but simple.

Invite them with Love.

“My love, you seem upset with me, and I want to be here for you; can we start over and see if we can get to what is really bothering you?”

“Honey, I understand you want to get outside with your friends and I want you to as well, but before you do, your room needs to be picked up.”

“Boss, I know you are busy and have other responsibilities beyond me; but I would appreciate some time with you to go over some ideas I have – and hear your feedback about how they may or may not fit with our company’s vision.”

“Brother, Sister, I know we grew up in the same household, and we all had our own unique perspectives about our family.  I am curious about yours; I would like for you to be curious about mine – let’s talk.”

“My friend, I have felt that we have been close, so I am sure there was a reason I was not invited to the party you had.  And while it hurt my feelings, I am curious about what that reason was.  Are you open to letting me know?”

These are simply invitations, they may or may not cause the other to change their behavior immediately.  You know you can’t force it.

However, by shifting into your Essence and expressing yourself with Love, you indeed have changed the energy between you two. 

With practice, because a change in your energy influences the energy all around you, over time, you know you are much more likely to get a more loving response from anyone you interact with.

And, undoubtedly, you will feel much, much better.

Breathe consciously, and remember this about you…and them:

I am brilliant;

I am magnificent;

I am a being of Love and Light.

I am here to bring my Essence Self to every experience of my Life.

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