Dearest Loved Ones,

I know sometimes you may find it difficult to really believe it for yourself, but I am here to remind you this morning that you are so loved

I hope that you can feel the energy of Love coming from me right this very moment, but even if you are not sure that you do, know that as I am writing this email, I am sending you Love

And as you read it right now, if you really try to open your heart, I will bet that you will feel the energy of Love within this email – because if you open your heart, this energy of Love I am sending will connect with the energy of Love that is already within you.  

If you open your heart. 

Can you do that now?

Open your heart and feel your own Love energy.  Your own connection to the Love of the Universe itself.

Life.  It is flowing within you, throughout you, and all around you. 

Take a gentle, conscious breath, feel the blessing of Life streaming through you, keeping you alive,  expanding and constricting your lungs, pumping your heart, regenerating your cells…And if you focus not just on the idea of this, but more on the feeling of it, you are likely to tap into the feeling of Love.

With that, remember that any time you are feeling afraid, anxious, worried, resentful, jealous, victimized, hopeless, there is a part of you that needs attention


That is, there is a part of you that needs to feel connected to the energy of Love.

Oftentimes, we may look outside ourselves to find that feeling of connection.  It feels so nice to receive that energy from anothesad-boyr human being.  Without a doubt; sharing that feeling can be compared to nothing else.sad-girl

But of course you know, we can’t always count on another person to provide it whenever we feel the need for it. 

Everyone has their own unique journey to focus on; no matter how devoted they might actually be to us, no one person or thing can be available one hundred percent of the time…

Except for that one constant presence we all have in our lives.

It’s within You. 

It is the energy of Essence that is at the center of who you are.

You, your Essence, and the Energy of Love that flows through you.  All of these words are interchangeable.

I look in the mirror and I know it’s Me. Me.  My Essence.  And the Energy of Love that flows through me.


When I feel afraid, I turn inward seeking comfort for my scared little self.

When I feel jealous, I turn inward for assurance that I am full and whole and loved.

When I feel hopeless, I turn inward and trust I will see the light just around the corner soon.

And I hear the soft inner voice that comforts, assures, and guides me…

As you start your day, look in the mirror and feel, “I Love You.”

Listen for your own soft inner Essence voice and feel its comfort, assurance and guidance.

Begin here.

Then bring your bright, magnificent Love with you into your day and express it all over your world.

Let the healing begin…

Breathe consciously, and start with You and the Love that flows through you:

And remember:

I am brilliant;

I am magnificent;

I am a being of Love and Light.

I am here to bring my Essence Self to every experience of my Life.

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“Don’t let the noise of other’s opinions drown out your own inner voice.” ~ Steve Jobs

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