Words are hard to find in the wake of the tragic event that took place in Orlando this weekend.
There are so many layers to sort through as more information comes to light.
Is this an act of terrorism?  Is it a hate crime?  Does it speak to the need for assault weapon control?  Does it speak to a culture of homophobia and racism inhtry againerent in our society despite the strides we have made?
And, now it seems it is also possible that this shooting was a reaction of one mentally unstable young man who was grappling with his own sexuality…
So many questions…
Will any of it ever make sense???
All of us at Conscious Choices would like to send our condolences – much Love and Light – to the family and friends of those who have lost their lives, or who have been injured in any way during the assault early Sunday morning.
We believe that this Love and Light we are sharing with each other, IS the force that will bring us to a place of healing and empowerment as we grieve and attempt to comprehend that which seems incomprehensible.
Now is the time for us to come together, no matter your political affiliation, sexual orientation, cultural heritage or religious belief system, to remember we are all part of the same Human Family.
Love is the answer.
If you are inspired to honor those who have been affected by
the tragedy in Orlando,
for information about Saturday evening’s
planned candlelight vigil
at Centennial Park in Downtown Ft. Myers.