Do you wonder sometimes if there is meaning inherent in Life, or if instead meaning is created through our own thoughts about the experience we are having?

Which comes first, the experience, the thought, or the meaning???

I wonder.

Sometimes it seems “so obvious” to me that there is some force out there greater than me (God?), one that has a plan for me that is very specific, and points me in the direction I need to go in order to fulfill the meaning that God somehow already holds for me.  So, is this Fate?  Does God have a particular plan just for me?

Sometimes, I feel that Meaning is created after I have an experience, and my mind has a second to perceive it.  In these moments, I can see that I choose how I want to make sense of it.  That is, I can make a conscious choice about the thought I am having, I can decide on the perspective I want to take, and then the quality of my experience can change drastically.  So, is Life random?  Maybe God exists only for those who need a sense of God?

Sometimes, I have another sense of things.

Sometimes, I just know that there is indeed a powerful force (God), one that effortlessly flows toward evolution and expansion, without any specific plan for me.  A force that keeps our hearts pumping, that enables seeds to grow into trees, that infuses brand new life into an embryo, that imbues all of us with the ability to adjust and adapt to stress.

Sometimes, I just know that I am simply a tiny spark of divinity, like a drop within an ocean, which will naturally unfold into its fullest potential if left unimpeded.

I just know that whether I understand any kind of “meaning” is irrelevant on this level because this Flow continues on regardless of how I make sense of it.

Sometimes, I know that if I get out of my own way, and choose to step into this Flow, which already exists all around, within, and throughout me and you and everyone and everything on this planet, I will be naturally guided toward my fullest and most authentic experience.

And then, sometimes, I just know that the meaning I attach to any of it creates the quality of my life: joy or despair, peace or struggle, love or fear.

And that this is the really cool part of being human.  The quality of my life, the way I get to experience the otherwise ethereal part of me, is through using my mind (thoughts) and my body (emotions) to create meaning.  I just know that I am creating my own experience.

I just know that I am choosing every moment, consciously or not.

I just know that if I get conscious, the quality of my life will change.

Sometimes I just know.

And sometimes I forget.

What about you?