Greetings! I write this article with intentions of peace and clarity for all of you during these very distressing and uncertain times. I know that for many people lately, it has been a challenge to stay optimistic about the direction this country is headed. We are recognizing too that the US is not in this predicament alone. This past weekend, President Bush, smartly, met with other financial leaders from around the globe to discuss the impact the American economic struggles are also having on the rest of the world.

While we know just a few details of how each nation will be involved, what we do know for sure is that finally, our leaders are recognizing that we can no longer think of ourselves as separate entities living on this planet. We must collaborate with our global neighbors; we don’t have to agree with them, or embrace their cultures and beliefs, but we do have to co-exist with them. We have a common investment in how we each take care of our own nations and citizens as well as the planet we all call home. The financial crisis has simply made crystal clear what many of us have known for a very long time. Every action we take as individuals has an impact on every other being on the planet. Sometimes that impact is imperceptible, but as we know, just because you can’t see a virus with the naked eye, does not mean that this virus does not have the ability to affect billions of living organisms with its force.

Of course, there is a positive side to this phenomenon – forces of love and light are also passed on through us and between us all when we act on them. And that is the message I hope to pass on to you today. It is a message of optimism and hope. Undoubtedly, the changes we are experiencing today are very real. And I know that often when we do not have a clear vision of what is next, or what we “should” be doing to make things “better,” or how we can possibly make that happen, we can feel discouraged and hopeless. It is true that letting go of the familiar is never easy, but clinging to what we think we “know” and can “control” can keep us blinded to the brilliant opportunities that lie ahead to create peaceful, prosperous, creative, healthy and interconnected families, communities and nations all over the planet.

It may sound strange to hear me say that I am encouraged by the state of turmoil the world is in right now. I know on a personal level, that the times in my life when I have grown the most have been during times of crisis, times of struggle. During times in which I feared I would not survive. I could not imagine who I would be on the other side of these catastrophes. What I found, however, was that as I looked more deeply inward, as I accepted the circumstances in which I found myself, I became more deeply ME. As I surrendered to the pain that I could not control, and changed the things I could, I relaxed into a trust that I would be alright no matter what the outcome. I came to understand that I could feel the fullness of all my emotions without them becoming all that I am. I became connected to the knowledge that we are all evolving toward our full Potential – the Potential to be truly all that we are. This Potential is a wave of energy that we can ride naturally toward its realization every day, or one we can distrust and resist, finding ourselves struggling, stressed and afraid every day.

I believe we will not only survive as a nation and a global community, but that we will thrive. I trust that all of us, regardless of our political leanings, will play a role in the shift toward higher consciousness, inter-connectedness, abundance and peace.

I hope you too will stay connected to your full Potential. Whether you do so because of your personal circumstances, or because you feel compelled to do so because of the state of our world doesn’t matter because this movement toward authenticity and consciousness will have an affect on all you say, all you do, and how you live your life. It will have a ripple effect on everyone and everything around you. We can change the world one person at a time.

I invite you to join me in staying connected to your full Potential, and in so doing, staying connected within the community of our planet.