Dear Grounded Friend.

Be still.  Notice your breath.

Feel the air coming in through your nose, filling your lungs and expanding your diaphragm as you inhale…

Feel the air going out your nose or mouth on the exhale; as your chest and abdomen fall…

Gently feel your center.  Allowing yourself to find your connection to your Essence Self.  Look for the place within you that is already plugged into Divine Consciousness…Notice how solid it feels there…

I had a yoga class today. 

I have been wanting to begin a real practice in earnest for a very long time.  A dear friend of mine is a yoga instructor.  She offered to help and offered me a one on one session.  The most significant part of my class today was learning the basic foundational pose, Tadasana, or Mountain Pose.   It is said to embody the stability, strength, poise and stillness of a mountain.mountain-range-1208014_960_720

At first, I was so awkward in mostly every movement and pose she showed me.  Yet, at a certain point, something clicked.   She instructed me how to place my fumbling and shaky body parts in an aligned position, and then imagine a line of energy all the way up along my legs, through the core of my torso, neck, and head, and out through the crown of my head. 

It took me a moment or two to fully settle into the placement of my body.   Initially, it felt really, really uncomfortable. 

She reminded me to be aware of my breath, which at certain points, she noticed I was holding.  As soon as I focused my attention there, of course, the rhythm of my inhaling and exhaling began again; I re-engaged and opened to the flow of Life moving through me… 

She told me to focus inward on the strength of my core.  

Then, she directed me to raise and lower my toes at the same time.  


tadasana-alignmentAnd there it was.  That “click” that happens when everything lines up in resonance.

I thought that the movement of my toes was supposed to be part of the pose, but what I realized instead was that as my ten little digits were doing their thing, the rest of me was planted firm.  The wiggling of my toes pointed directly at how planted the rest of my body was.

I was completely solid.  She came over to me and said, “I should be able to push you and feel how sturdy you are.”  She did, and I was.  I could feel myself connected to the power of Life Itself. 

Don’t get me wrong, this was not a dramatic feeling.  In fact, it was very subtle.  But very powerful.  I felt strong, solid and empowered.  I had a sense of exactly who I was and I was aligned and connected.  Not in thought, but organically, from the inside out.  

There was my Oxygen.

Is this what all you yogis experience in your ongoing practice?  thou-art-divine-chakras

I find this solid Connection through my daily silent meditation and my Conscious Breathing practices; and also when I run.  How grateful I am to learn to open up another channel to Source Energy.  

So, today, let us imagine that these types of Connection experiences are reminders that our Oxygen Masks are only a breath, a pose, a moment away.  

These experiences are conduits to your source of Love and Light; the foundation of your Essence Self is right here at your service. 

Remembering that if the Oxygen Mask is anywhere other than over our noses and mouths, we will eventually have that feeling of panic creep up and try to take over…

Today, let us hold an intention to honor ourselves by remembering all the ways we can find our masks and put them on.

Let us remember that holding our breath while handing our mask to another is, not only reckless, but absolutely unnecessary since their mask is just as readily available to them as yours is to you.

Let us remember that continuing to play out the Old Story only perpetuates the Old Story. 

Become like a Mountain.  Put your Oxygen Mask on.  Create your New Story . 

Be a Mountain, and remember:

I am brilliant;

I am magnificent;

I am a being of Love and Light.

I am here to bring my Essence Self to every experience of my Life.

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