Oh patient one.

Pause.  Be still.  Allow.

You can do that now by…yes, taking a conscious breath…

Today is a good day to allow Life to take its natural course.

Today is a really good day to stop trying to control the outcome of anything.

Today is a really, really good day to trust that your guidance will appear when the time is right.

Two days ago, I was offered an opportunity to participate in an online Business Development Group.  All the details of it, as it was presented to me initially, made sense in my head.  I had good feelings as I imagined that I could become part of this supportive and resource-rich group.  I could feel the excitement bubbling up as I envisioned how productive I could be with the level of support and rigorous structure being offered through this group.  And I felt “special” that I had been invited to apply to this exclusive group by a respected expert in her field.

Yet, something didn’t feel completely “clean.”   My energy didn’t feel totally “smooth.”  There was a blurry, weighty, sort of darkness floating around the periphery of my mind.

The organizer of the group planned to begin the program on December 1st, so there was a sense of “urgency” about a decision to commit my time, my energy and my money to participate.  Although there was no “hard sell” coming from her at all, I could feel the Stories in my own head taking form and beginning to pressure me:confusion

“If I don’t act now I will miss out on this amazing opportunity.”

“Someone else will get chosen to join first and take my spot.”

“I want to be accepted into this group; but I am not sure I am good enough, smart enough, valuable enough for that to happen.”

“This must be right for me since it is showing up now; so it means I must join the group.”

Yet, even with all this noise that seemed to “make sense,” I had the presence of mind enough to slow myself down, knowing that I had 48 hours to make a decision, and that even in that time frame, this was not an urgent situation (even though, I could feel the energy of urgency tapping my shoulder saying, “C’mon, c’mon, you need to make a decision now or you will lose your spot…”  Hint, a sense of urgency is often a sign that an Ego Story is in control).

With the open space I created by pausing and observing the situation with a bit more distance, I was able to allow my more Adult self to get in the driver’s seat.  I still wasn’t clear about what to do, but I knew I wasn’t clear.  I could see that the fog had not yet lifted and that my Essence Self wasn’t completely coming through.   

So, instead of rushing to decide,  I paused.  I prayed for clarity and asked my Higher Power to show me the way.

And then I let it go.  I released any urgency and went to sleep.

I woke up with a sense of relief and lightness because I just knew what was right for me to do.


I was clear that the added financial commitment along with the amount of time needed to participate would not fit with the structure of my life right now.  Maybe some time in the future, but not now.

In fact, I already have business mentor who volunteers her time to guide and support me.  She provides valuable resources and networking opportunities to me, and on top of it all, her services are free!

Having the clarity I have now, 48 hours later, it is surprising to me that I even considered this group as a possibility…

How often do we act because an Old Story is telling us there is a sense of immediacy?  How often do we ignore the quiet sensations in our bodies, the soft images in our minds, the subtle intuitions whispering in our ears, in order to gratify the much louder Stories yelling in our heads?

Today, let us hold an intention to open ourselves and allow the Light to come through in its own time; and trust that it will.  It may not happen in 24 hours, but let us open to trusting the Flow of Life to guide us at the pace that is for our Highest Good…

Let us ask for clarity, open ourselves to guidance, and let go of the outcome.

Soon the clouds will part and the Sun will come streaming through.

“There is a God part in you. The consciousness. The pure Self.  Learn to listen the voice of that Power.”   ~ Amit Ray

Breathe consciously, trust your connection to Source:

I am brilliant;

I am magnificent;

I am a being of Love and Light.

I am here to bring my Essence Self to every experience of my Life.

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