Dear Gentle Soul,

Take a moment right this second to reflect on the beauty of your unique journey; of your own particular life.  It belongs to you alone.  No matter how many people are close to you or share your circumstances, only you see your experience through your eyes, through the filter of your very specific perspective.

Can you feel the power in that?  Knowing that your experience is based purely on your own perspective and that you have control over how you choose to perceive things.

Last night I spent the evening with a few members of my extended family.   Although we carefully avoided talking about politics very intentionally, the conversation soon evolved into a discussion contemplating the existence of life beyond the planet we live on.

My 76 year old dad’s perspective was that if any life form with an intelligence beyond ours actually did exist, they could only possibly seek to squash anyone smaller, weaker, or more vulnerable than they are.  moving-illusion

Although he did not express it directly, I could feel his fear that some unknown, seemingly dark, powerful and malevolent alien force could threaten his existence.  Of course, his fear was disguised in gruff words and bluster, with a dismissive stance toward any other possible reality.

Now, my 16 year old daughter was a bit more open.  She said, “There are two possibilities: one is that we are alone in the Universe and the other is that we are not.  Both of these possibilities could be a little scary.”   Interesting, right? 

A part of her was not too sure that her Grandpa wasn’t correct that beings from outside our every-day existence could pose a threat to life as we know it.  But  also another part feeling the emptiness of being dis-connected from anything; just floating like a speck of dust in the universe.  That existential angst that can haunt us when we aren’t sure we are connected to anything.

And there I was, completely open to the possibility that anything is possible.  Feeling absolutely ok with the unsettled feeling of believing we are not alone in the universe, but not knowing anything for sure.  How do I know that a race of evil aliens isn’t plotting to take over our planet?  I don’t.  How do I know that intelligent life beyond our imagination would only be peaceful and helpful to us humans?  I don’t.

But I do believe that Love and Light are the energy of the Universe.

So, what I do know is that my perspective colors the experience of my life.  As do my father’s and my daughter’s…

My dad’s perspective seems to paint his world in the colors of fear, suspicion, defense, protection, possessiveness.  His perspective comes from his Stories developed over the three quarters of a century of his unique life.  And his reality reflects his perspective.

My daughter’s perspective paints her world in the colors of wonder, doubt, uncertainty, hope – a mixture of thoughts and feelings based on the stories developed over her almost 17 years on the planet, with the majority of her life still yet to unfold. 

Not much can be certain for her yet at this point in her life.  Her reality reflects her experience, and hopefully, as she stays open, her perspective will continue to evolve as she grows and her reality changes too. 

And me, with a perspective that paints my world in the colors of curiosity, allowing, letting go, trusting, open-ness and an ease with ambiguity that allows me to ride the waves and go with the flow most of the time.   This reality of mine exists because of my perspective: that Love and Light are the energy of the Universe.  So this is how I experience Life most of the time.

None of us are wrong.  We live what we believe.

Dad has his own set of lenses which have served him in the life he has chosen; they are pretty well set.

Daughter is expanding her own understanding of her world as she grows; it is likely she will continue to change her lenses as she goes along.

My lenses are constantly shifting and moving and adjusting as Life continues to unfold with uncertainly and ambiguity and ongoing shades of grey.

Today, notice what your perspective is.

Notice what Stories color your experience.

Be curious about how you might be able to change the colors of your experience by stepping out of your Old Stories and shifting your perspective…

How do you want to live?

You really do get to choose what you see, what you experience, and therefore, what you live.

Breathe consciously, and hold this perspective:

I am brilliant;

I am magnificent;

I am a being of Love and Light.

I am here to bring my Essence Self to the world.

“There are no facts, only interpretations.”  ~ Friedrich Nietzsche

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