The Truth doesn’t care if you know it or not.

Life doesn’t stop flowing just because you are unaware of its flow.

I remember growing up in our first real house on Long Island in the mid 1960s.  My parents bought this newly built ranch for their little family and left Brooklyn for a life in the suburbs. 

I had no idea how much money they had (or didn’t have, really), because my focus was only on the fact that I now had my own room, a cool bike, and bonus of all bonuses, a backyard that led into an undeveloped forested area filled with pine trees for miles and miles and miles, according to one little girl’s perspective. 

I was a bit of a tomboy, and so spent much of my time with my brother and the rest of the boys in the neighborhood playing stickball, Manhunt, and Kick the Can; but my best times were spent traipsing around in the woods behind my new home.   

There were no limits to the space I could wander, nor to the adventures I could imagine and then make real as I ventured into the woods with not much more than my imagination to guide me. 

Hmm…My imagination guiding me…I had no Stories in my head other than the ones that I created about being an explorer, discovering myriad experiences of Life unfolding in the depths of the forest, without the observation of any other human being besides myself in that exact moment.

Spiders spinning webs.  Ants trailing over twigs and leaves.  Slugs sliming their way across sand and pebbles.  Lady bugs hovering over lavender flowers that had no names.  Birds singing to one another songs of warning, songs of assurance.  Squirrels scampering from tree to tree, stopping only to examine and devour the tastiest acorn ever. 

And it wasn’t just the animal life that drew me even further into my fantasies.  There were the colors of fall, leaves so brightly yellow, orange and red there was no evidence of the lush green summer that had just passed.   

In the winter, the forest was stark and bare; brittle trunks and branches silhouetted the gray skies that often were dappled with flakes of snow, silently falling and covering the hard frozen ground.

Then, I loved how the spring brought new Life again.  The air moist as the rain would fall, and sprouts emerged from the soil.  Moss growing verdant once more.  The colors turned brightly pastel signaling the beginning of another cycle of birth.

And then the smells…Each season had fragrances all its own.  Spring smelled light and sweet as flowers bloomed and wildlife appeared from its hiding.

Summer had a deep scent of musk and mildew and soil close to the ground; and higher up still smelled wet, but also clean and delicious and hopeful.

Autumn smelled clean, too, but it was dry and crisp and melancholy as we said goodbye to the freedom of summer, and anticipated the hibernation of winter.

Although the cold of winter always challenged me, its air always had the scent of comfort because I knew the discomfort was temporary as the warmth of my home was only a backyard away.  While I was outside, I could smell snow coming; the moisture of the air tightening the skin lining my nostrils. 

There were moments in all of these experiences when I’d feel all of Nature living and breathing around me, within me, and throughout me.  It was as if there was no differentiation between me and the plants and animals surrounding me.  I could feel us all breathing together in unison.

I’d imagine what the forest, the plants, the animals, the insects, the sounds, the smells were like when I wasn’t there to observe them.

I’d imagine that I wasn’t a person at all, but a “witness,” of Life, observing it all at various times throughout the day and night when there were no humans to see or describe the activity.

There was no “me” anymore, only my ability to watch.

I’d melt into the experience and lose any sense of time or separation from the Source of All that Is.

It felt blissful.

I believe this was one of my first experiences of knowing that I am not just a physical body; but much more than that.

Although I would not have been able to describe it then, I believe in those moments, I was completely aligned with my Essence Self; I was plugged in and open to the experience of my Higher Power.  Almost as if my Human Self disappeared and all that existed was my Spirit Self – Essence.

I knew that all was well.  I knew I was safe and protected in a way that went beyond physical safety.  I knew that I was connected to something much Greater than my human awareness…

For me now, there is this same sense that beneath the material challenges of our physical Human world, is a Unifying Force that keeps us all moving toward health, well-being and fullest potential.  While there is no guarantee that we will reach ultimate health, well-being or fullest potential in this life time, the opportunity to stretch toward these possibilities keeps us hopeful, vibrant, growing, connected and resilient.

Today, let us hold an intention to look for the blissful experiences that signal to us that Life is guiding us toward our Highest Good and Fullest Potential.

Today, let us recognize those moments so we may more easily remember that the Flow of Life is at work whether we are aware of it or not…

“No matter how long the storm lasts, the sun always shines behind the clouds” ~ Khalil Gibran


I am brilliant;

I am magnificent;

I am a being of Love and Light.

I am here to bring my Essence Self to every experience of my Life.

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