Dear Valuable and Valued Friend.

Let’s begin with a conscious breath and allow ourselves to take a few moments to continue to watch our breathing until we feel grounded and centered in our bodies…

Today, let us consider what it really means to Love ourselves…

Many of us who are on a conscious path toward Authenticity talk about how important it is to “Love Ourselves” first.  We understand on an intellectual level that if we do not have enough in our own inner “well” of Love, how could we possibly give Love to others.  If I have no “money in the bank,” how can I donate to causes that are important to me? 

I had an inspirational discussion with a very astute woman recently.  She explained that she understood the concept of Loving herself first, but that she couldn’t relate to it in the same way as seeing herself loving other significant people in her life.  For her, the words “Self-Love” didn’t resonate.  However, the message beneath the words, the energy of the Essence Quality of those words did get through to her, despite the incongruence of the terminology for her.

What did occur to her was that Self-Love was really about Honoring herself.  She realized that how she expresses herself, how she responds to others, speaks to her level of Self-Respect.  These were the terms that resonated for her.

As she described the resonance of this insight for herself, I could feel the energy of her inner alignment click into place.  We both felt a rush of confirmation in our bodies.  Very powerful shift for her, and also for me to experience it with her. 

With this new insight, almost immediately, she began making more conscious choices about how she is experiencing her life.  Although, it is still hard sometimes to change the behaviors and reactions of the Old Story, she told me, now, there is a deep knowing within her when she is not Honoring herself and acting in alignment with her Integrity (her True Essence Self).   And, while smore-fractalhe can feel the pull of the Old Story, she has more clarity that she doesn’t have to be the Character in it any longer; she can choose otherwise

With more awareness, and finding the terms that did resonate for her, she is becoming the Director of her own life.   Each time a challenge from the Old Story comes us, she can now ask herself, “Does the response I am about to choose, Honor Me?  Am I being Respectful to Myself?”  

With this shift, she is lighter, brighter, and shinier than I have ever seen her.

Of course, it won’t always be easy; her practice will be to continue to stand firm in her Adult Self who knows and feels her own Honor and Self-Respect in the face of that Old Story that will continue to challenge her.   

It might try to convince her that another person’s pain is her responsibility; or that in order to be truly loved, she must put others first; or that she isn’t important enough to put her self first; or that it would be selfish to do so…

These are not just her Old Stories; they are ones that can attempt to dominate the experience of any one of us.  So…

…Today, let us hold an intention to find and use the Essence Quality terms that resonate for us.  If we are still enough, we can feel the “clicking in” of alignment that happens when anything resonates with Essence.  


…When there is Resonance, Essence is readily available.

Breathe consciously, feel your inner “click”

and remember:

I am brilliant;

I am magnificent;

I am a being of Love and Light.

I am here to bring my Essence Self to the world.

Trust your Inner Voice.

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