It is easy to be grateful for all that brings us ease, comfort and pleasure in direct and obvious ways…
It is not so easy, however, to be grateful for discomfort, pain, or loss as their benefits are not so direct, nor so obvious…

I wonder, though, if we can move beyond the short-term mind-set, and really see that on a larger scale, all that we may perceive as “negative” may really be pointing us toward the knowledge of ALL that is Good and Right about Who We Really Are?

For instance, on a physical level, we can easily imagine being grateful for the discomfort we experience when we exercise – the pain we feel in our muscles as we stretch them beyond what we thought was their fullest capacity, the pain we feel the next day reminding us that we indeed went beyond what we thought was possible?

Our pain indicated to us the “edge” of what was limiting us before – a muscle that was not being used to its fullest capacity…And with the pain and discomfort that came with the pushing, the stretching, the putting of one more ounce of effort into it and allowing ourselves to tolerate a feeling that is not comfortable, we stepped into potential for more, we expanded our limitations, we made ourselves stronger…Cool, right?

Can we take this idea a little further?

Imagine being grateful for the discomfort of misplacing our keys.  What?

Can we imagine being grateful for being challenged to learn patience, to experience self-love and forgiveness, for recognizing the need to slow down and be present?

Imagine being grateful for the discomfort of losing a job.  Huh?

Can we imagine being grateful for being given the time to get clear about What We Really Want; to spend time slowing down; to remember Who We Are; and have the space to imagine and then create our next best experience?

Imagine being grateful for a diagnosis that at first, seems “terminal.”  Really?

Can we imagine being grateful for learning to Live and Love in the present moment, to appreciate every blade of grass, every tear drop, every caress, every tender gaze, every note of music, every glimpse of art; for expanding our understanding that our physical form does not define Who We Are?

Imagine being grateful for the discomfort of losing someone we love.  Impossible?

Can we imagine being grateful for the depth of Love we felt during the time we had this beloved person in our life; for the joy, for the experiences we shared, even for the hard times that challenged us to remember Who We Want to Be?

Imagine being grateful for the discomfort of living in a world where natural disasters seem to be increasing, the economy seems to be erratic and scarily (un)predictable; more people are sick, hungry and homeless than ever before, and those in charge seem to be out of control and out of touch of the needs of the people who voted them in.  Unimaginable?

Can we imagine being grateful for the continued opportunity to remember Who We Have Come Here to Be, and how we want to Experience our lives; for the ability to recognize that we have a chance to connect with How We Feel and change the way we think and act; for the chance to shift our focus from our heads (which seemed to have guided us collectively to the place we find ourselves now) to our hearts, where Love for ourselves, our brothers and sisters who live alongside us, and for this planet we call Home, can guide us to consciously choose how we live together in our life time?

What if we believed that discomfort, in any situation from losing our keys, all the way to climate change and threat of nuclear destruction, need not be a symbol of despair and negativity, but really our indicator that we are on the very edge of our potential to break through to something better; and if we are conscious about it, can choose to take the leap into a new way of thinking, of feeling, of being; one that has the potential not only to change our own lives in positive ways right this very minute, but to also add to the collective change that will help all of us to grow, heal and experience our fullest potential and Highest Good?

Feels much more hopeful, doesn’t it?

With Gratitude, discomfort no longer signals doom or discouragement; but rather, optimism, inspiration, and joy for the present moment, and hope for a future that is even better than we can imagine…

So, this Thanksgiving, I choose to give thanks for Discomfort – and commit to using it to remind myself of Who I Am, What I Really Want, and Why I am Here this time around…

Won’t you join me?

In Light and With Love,