rocket-trajectoryMy Dear Plugged In Friend.

Breathe…watch yourself inhaling…watch yourself exhaling…

Feel yourself deeply present in your body…from the top of your head all the way down to the tips of your toes.

Has this become a familiar activity for you?

Can you imagine?  You are 41 days into this new practice of setting the tone for your day.   And if you have been consistently opening these emails, taking the time to mindfully read them, and setting an intention for your day, you may have actually created a new routine for yourself.

Don’t worry if you have not been as consistent as you would have liked – every moment, you know, you can make another choice.  You can shift and change direction.  The shift doesn’t have to be 180 degrees; it can be as small as 10 degrees, a half a degree…any change in the direction you are headed will change the trajectory of your journey.

In fact, this is true whether you are aware of making the shift or not.  In other words, if you are haphazardly, unconsciously, floating around allowing the externals of your life to determine the direction you are going, your path will reflect a very different experience than if you are being mindful of the choices you are making in response to the externals of your life. 

So, if you are changing direction with the wind, every time something feels slightly uncomfortable, you can imagine how feather-in-the-winddisconnected, unplugged, directionless you could wind up feeling.   You will feel this way because you have lost your connection, you are no longer plugged in, and so your direction has become unclear

Whether intentionally or not, each time you make a change, you change the energy of everything around you, and then become immersed in the energy of that experience. 

When we don’t intentionally practice Presence, most of us make these unconscious changes all the time.  And even when we are intentionally practicing, we still succumb to the will of our Old Stories a lot of the time.  When we do, we feel out of sorts, and even though we seem to be doing so much to stay on top of things, we mostly feel pretty out of control.

With a choice to be present and awake to your life, it is possible to feel connected, plugged in, and guided along your way.

If you have been using these Conscious Intentions regularly, you may already feel the benefit of having something tangible to help keep you present and awake to your experience.  Even if not every single one of them has deeply resonated, having a daily reminder to stay intentional, and a daily habit of setting the tone for your day, keeps you aligned with the trajectory toward what you want to create for your life…

If you have been consistent, good for you…Are you aware of feeling any different than when you started?  What has changed in your life?  Take a moment to notice any differences that come with being more intentionally awake.   

If you have been only using them occasionally, and perhaps, one or two of them have resonated, you might then be able to envision how using them daily might help you get on a new track for the path you want to be on; for the life you want to create.   

edge-of-a-cliffIf you want to step into your new life, and this is a tool that feels aligned with your desire, simply make a choice to add 5 more minutes to your morning routine; create the space and make the time to open this email every day.  No need to beat yourself up; if is what you want, choose it now, change direction, and move forward.

If you seem to forget, put a note next to your bed or set up a reminder on your phone.  Eventually, opening these emails will become something you just do every day.  It will become a habit.  A new healthy habit that is now a part of the next chapter of your New Story of health, growth, and presence.

For today, let us breathe in our knowledge that we are creating the reality we live

We may not have much control over the external world, however, how we think about things in our lives and how we feel about things in our lives, truly influences how we actually experience the quality of our lives…

So let us be aware of how each choice we make, consciously or not, effects the direction we continue to move, as well as the texture, the flavor, the tone, the imagery, and the fragrance of the experience we wind up having…

Right now, then, let us envision the quality of life we want into our future; and the quality of each moment of  this upcoming day.

Right now, let us intend to very consciously choose our actions, our thoughts, and therefore, create the quality of our day.

Today, choose to be Love and express all your Essence qualities as often as you can…

If you do not change direction, you may end up where you are headed.”
~ Lao Tzu

Breathe consciously, change your Trajectory, and remember:

I am brilliant;

I am magnificent;

I am a being of Love and Light.

I am here to bring my Essence Self to every experience of my Life.

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