What exactly is Unconditional Love? Does it mean that I should love someone no matter how they behave, or how they treat me, or what they say? Without exception, and without conditions?

Actually, yes.

However, this does NOT mean that we should ever allow another person to hurt us, abuse us, or violate us in any way. That would not be Loving to ourselves.

It simply means to look for the “innocence” in every one. Beneath all bad behavior lies fear. That fear has its roots in feeling unloved, and ultimately, unlove-able. So you can pretty much guarantee that a person who is behaving badly is feeling deeply unloved and un-loveable.

With this in mind, if we can see and understand that all seemingly “bad” people are really acting from a vulnerable, “scared little child” place within them, it becomes easier to love them, to have compassion for the way they attempt to protect their vulnerability; the way they defend against feeling unloved and unlove-able.

Remember, loving another does not mean condoning bad behavior, it just means to be able to see beyond their actions and hold a vision of their pure Essence Selves within our heart.

Unconditional Love means to send Love and Light to all, even, and maybe especially, to those who are so afraid of feeling “small and weak” that they puff themselves up to appear “big and strong.” Let’s face it, all of us do this to some extent or another.

What we need is to remember how Loved and Love-able we really are…We sometimes just forget.

Consider then how powerful Unconditional Love can be between people who are accepting of their own “smallness and weakness,” and are able to share their vulnerability, rather than defend against it…

Once you have decided that your intention is to look for the “innocence” in everyone, can you trust then, that every single one of us has a “good” reason for everything we do, including our “bad behaviors?”

Once you trust that, can you be curious with your Loved Ones about what those reasons might be?

Once you are curious, can your inquiries to your Beloved be infused with love and tenderness (rather than judgment, expectations and criticisms)?

Once you step into Love with your inquiries, can you receive the information given with compassion, understanding and empathy, rather than personalizing it and taking it on?

Once you compassionately receive the information, can you allow your partner to express, in words or actions, the fullness of who they are, even if their expression triggers some discomfort in you?

Your ability to do so is a good indicator of the level of Unconditional Love you have reached.

Now imagine how you would soar to your Fullest Potential if you were being given this same Unconditional Love by your Beloved.

What do you imagine would be possible, if you and your Beloved held an intention to commit to this level of mutual and ceaseless Unconditional Love?

Do you believe the possibilities for you would be unlimited?

Can you imagine them to be?

Oh, and by the way, let us not forget that the only way to tap into this Unlimited Potential with another person is to begin with Unconditionally Loving Yourself...

Right now, remember:

I am brilliant;

I am magnificent;

I am a being of Love and Light.

I am here to bring my Essence Self to every experience of my Life.

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