I know that some of you receiving this email are clients of Conscious Choices who either work with me, Karen or Ashley.  If so, you have probably heard the terms Essence and Ego.  Hopefully, if you are working with one of us, you have some understanding of what those terms mean in relation to your own life, your own healing, and your own ability to create the life you want to experience.

For those of you who have only an inkling of these terms, I would like to invite you to read the upcoming series of Conscious Inspirations that will be sent over the next few months.

Today, we start with an excerpt that I came across in journal of mine that I thought would help to begin to clarify things.  It may help you to understand also, the basics of how we at Conscious Choices view the human experience of growth and healing.

It may give you an idea of how we integrate the very solid, practical foundations of psychology (Body and Mind), with the more ethereal aspects of our “spiritual” selves (Soul); and how being able to work with all of these aspects, enables a fuller, deeper, more holistic experience of health, happiness and deep satisfaction…


…So, as I re-read this passage it resonated so strongly for me that of course I assumed that I had written it myself.  It was in my journal, after all.  On second glance however, I noticed that there were quotation marks bordering the passage, so I knew, in reality, I had “lifted” it from someone else’s writing.  Is it considered plagiarism if I used in my own journal?!

Well, I won’t take credit for it in any case…I believe it is a quote from Neale Donald Walsch’s Conversations with God Trilogy.  I am not certain which book it came from, but it feels like a  good place to start if you are interested in beginning to understand how your authentic, genuine part of yourself, your Essence self, is not always the part of you making decisions.

It may also be of interest if you are curious about knowing more about the Ego part of you; the part that it is fueled by fear, and often the part of you who is in the driver’s seat, making very unconscious choices about your life.

As part of this series each of the next several Conscious Inspirations will expand on parts of this excerpt, and I hope that they will inspire you to reflect, ask your own questions, talk to your friends, family, or us about how all of this resonates for you…

…“What do you believe about your connection to the rest of Life around you?  Do you know that you are an individuation of the Divine Force that created you?  Do you feel connected to that Energy that keeps your heart beating, the Energy that keeps your lungs inflating and deflating; that keeps your eyes blinking; your stomach churning; your wounds healing…

This Life Force, or what I will call God, is the unifying energy that is really the only thing that is Real.  So when I talk about God, I am not talking about some straight, white man, in a white gown and long beard sitting on a throne in heaven.  I am talking about the Force that keeps the Universe unified and constantly expanding.  This energy is expressed and experienced in a way that we call Love.

This Life Force is the energy of the Universe, at its very basic – Pure Love.  It flows, almost like a liquid; imagine we are immersed in an Ocean of God.  Our Souls or what I call our Essence is like a drop of water from that Ocean, an individuation of the Ocean, if you will – the drop at its very basic, is the same as the Ocean, it is just a piece of it, but elementally, identical.

It is the same with us on a Soul/Essence level.  Our Essence is like a drop from the Ocean; an individuation of God/Love.  We are a piece of God, and at the very basic level, we are identical to God.  In other words, at our very basic level, we are Love.  Love is the Life Force.  Love is who we Are.

As the Universe is constantly expanding, as a part of that same Universe, with the same Life Force flowing throughout and within us, we also are always naturally moving in the direction of expansion, optimal health, our highest good.  Always.  And, like a leaf on the surface of a stream, if there is nothing to obstruct the journey, the ride will be easy, gentle, effortless.

Our human bodies give us a way to express our Essence (Spirit or Soul) through our physical form, and through our emotions (Body).

Our brain, gives us the way to perceive, analyze, organize, and generally attempt to make sense of our experience with the most significant job being to help us be aware of ourselves. (Mind).

(In our Human Form we can choose to express our Essence, or we can choose, even if unconsciously, to express another part of ourselves: the Ego).  {We will expand further about the Ego in another Conscious Inspiration.}

The combination of these three aspects (Body, Mind, Soul) and how we present them to the world is our Personality.


Imagine what the purpose of your Soul manifesting in the body you have, in the circumstances you were born into may actually be.

Can you imagine that the Soul (without the mind or the body) exists on some very different level than the physical realm we perceive as real?  There is no “experience” there, there is only existence, Being-ness.

Our Bodies and Minds give the Soul a way to experience itself, physically and reflectively.

Can you imagine that each of our Essences has created the perfect situations, the perfect bodies, the perfect minds, the perfect relationships to help it experience itself?

These situations, bodies, minds, relationships, provide the external contrasts which help us actually have a material experience, rather than just BEING on a non-material level (as we would if we were only a Soul).

Without contrast, it is impossible to experience anything.

How can you know small if you do not know large?  How can you know white if you do not know black?  How can you experience Joy if you do not know Despair?  How can you experience Peace when you do not know Struggle?

When we are able to transcend the conflicts of the material world, in other words when we heal, it is then that we are able to actually experience ourselves as one with God (the Life Force that unifies everything)…”

Our work at Conscious Choices can help you “transcend the conflicts of the material world” and experience yourself as your most authentic You; the You you have come here to be and express.  That is what Walsch means by “experiencing ourselves as one with God.”

You know what that feels like, don’t you?  You have had moments of feeling that, haven’t you?  Holding a baby?  Playing with a puppy?  Dancing like no one is watching?  Singing like no one is listening?  Being in nature?  Working on a project that inspires you?  Making love with your beloved?  Watching your kid break a record?  Crying freely at the loss of a loved one?  Recognizing the part of you that needs healing and being conscious enough to be there for yourself?

I hope you will be inspired to explore these ideas with us…