Here’s the question we have been considering:

Who am I?

Am I what I do?

“I am a police officer.”

” I am a parent.”

“I am an artist.”

Am I what my Ego tells me?

” I am afraid and never good enough.”

“I am fat and unattractive.”

“I am invisible and unlovable.”

Or am I all the Goodness and Pureness of my Essence?

“I am generous and giving.”

“I am creative and beautiful.”

“I am compassionate and empathic.”

“I am Love.”

What we do (i.e., how we act, how we behave) is either an expression of a projection of our Ego, or it is an expression of the Essence of Who We Are.

If what I Do comes from an Ego projection, I will feel afraid, empty, lost, dissatisfied, frustrated, confused, stuck.

However, if what I Do is borne from an expansion of Who I Am, my experience will be full, rich, flowing, meaningful and satisfying, even when life circumstances are most challenging.

Try this today:

Make a list of all the Good and Wonderful things you know You Are (even if you sometimes have trouble expressing these qualities!).

Just list them as above (even if only in your head).

I am loving.     I am smart.   I am courageous.   I am sensitive.

I am creative.   I am funny.   I am curious.    I am peaceful.

And so on.

As you go through your day, notice when your Ego tries to convince you that you are something other than who you know You Are (Your True Essence).  If you have acted in a way that caused your Ego to chime in, notice that action, change what you need to, and return to your “I AM” list to remind you of Who You Really Are at the center.  (“I am guilty” is not an Essence quality; it is Ego through and through!)

Envision yourself living from an expression of your True Essence (that place within you that inspired your list) every moment of every day.

And then do so as often as you can.

It will change your life.

And in changing your life, you will change the world.

“Be the change you wish to see in the world” – Mahatma Gandhi