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The Conscious Choices Difference:

Although the entire team here at Conscious Choices are all Florida State licensed therapists trained to offer traditional counseling and psychotherapy, our unique approach to both individual and couples work will absolutely accelerate your healing and growth beyond your imagination.

The truth is, any good therapist will provide a safe space for you to vent, to explore, and to come up with “solutions” to the “problems” that brought you to therapy to begin with. However, much of the time, the root of the problem goes undiscovered, and subsequently, it remains unresolved.

Inevitably, even if you make some external changes that give you some relief from your symptoms, these gains may be temporary without the tools needed to actually resolve the underlying causes.

At Conscious Choices, we not only provide a loving and supportive space for you to bring all of your pain, all of your questions, all of your confusion; we also help you discover the origins of these things, so you can finally heal the issues that have wreaked havoc in your life, even if without you realizing it.

Then we provide you with the tools needed to change the things you can, accept the things you cannot, and remember the truth of who you are - a perfectly imperfect human being with unlimited potential for love, creativity, and abundance.

Not only will your symptoms be relieved, but you will now have a clear framework to help you navigate through them should they arise again!

When you have all of these ingredients, you can weather any storm; and joyfully create the loving relationships you desire, and live the fullest life you deserve.

So come check us out…isn’t it time to invest in the one life you are living right now?

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